LaMDA 2, the future of CX and the job market at Martech

When we start talking about customer experience (CX), the most frequent associations are linked to agile dual-track practices and understanding what generates value to offer the best journey. This means that we have to have a starting point, which is usually to understand what, why, who, where, when, how and how much someone is predisposed to consume something.

The process is very close to everyone involved, after all it is something that really demands empathy and awareness, points that are provided by “humanities” professionals. Right?

In 2020, the report by the World Economic Forum predicted that robotics and automation would eliminate 85 million jobs worldwide by 2025. However, it also projected that technologies would create 97 million new jobs, which will require more skill and training.

Do you think it’s hype or science fiction? We are already experiencing considerable changes in the way of capturing and analyzing information, for the construction and evolution of products and/or services, such as:

The Marketing Technology Landscape 2022 listed 9,932 global applications that support different competencies ranging from media, data management, content, phygital to sales. A growth of over 6,521% was recorded since the first edition in 2011; Captures with electroencephalography (EEG) are already used to cross with other data in the creation of products, understanding brain stimuli, overcoming old opinion polls, reducing subjectivity bias; The adoption of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) is increasingly being established in companies to obtain a single view of the customer, analyzing direct information via first party data and third-party databases so that behaviors are converted into actionable data in hyperpersonalized journeys.

In addition to these, I could not fail to mention the case that gained prominence in different news around the world, about the AI built on Google’s deep artificial neural networks, LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), being “accused” of discussing issues philosophical ideas about conscience and fear of death.
The disruption in CX should not (should) scare us, but drive us towards the new opportunities that are emerging in the market, and therefore, more than ever, all professionals need to encourage STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in career.

In the same way that English has become “standard” as the human language among all careers, digital literacy with manipulation and extraction of insights in data is also becoming more and more mandatory every day to maintain and prosper in the job market. .

Therefore, if today this confusing environment of experiences (the messy middle) tends to become a little more complex, we cannot lose the spirit of continuous learning and qualify in a biopsychosocial scope with scientific-digital knowledge.

So, do you feel ready for this new moment and revolutionize with Martech?