Google Optimize and Google Analytics 4 (GA4): What’s It All About? And why do I need it for my website/app to grow?

In 2022, e-commerces in Brazil received more than 83.8 million buyers, with 55% of orders placed via mobile devices versus 45% via desktop. And the five most visited virtual stores this year were: Mercado Livre, Shopee, Amazon Brasil, Americanas and Magazine Luiza. This data published by ABCOMM shows that user experience makes all the difference and that our country needs to evolve a lot in mobile optimizations.

After reading this brief introduction, you ask me: Joy, how can I check if my website/app gets a lot of hits via mobile? Where do I get data to know if I should look for improvements, launch an app? What tools does Google have with my website/app? Calm down, I’ll answer you everything.

One of the most used tools worldwide to capture data, know your audience and measure results is Google Analytics, a tool that allows you to understand almost everything that happens on your website: number of visitors, traffic source, results, goals, audience profile, type of device used to access, time spent within the pages, etc.

In addition to a complete tool with more than 17 years of history, Google has not let it become obsolete by bringing constant updates, so I recommend that you have a free Google Analytics account, install the reading script and have data. After I explained in a succinct way how you can have data from your website/app, I want to bring news straight from the source of the “great oracle”, Google.

Last year, we were told that this year we have entered a historic moment. From the 1st of July the Universal Analytics version will migrate to its fourth version Google Analytics 4 or the famous GA4, – Joy, but what changes? This new update brings changes to the way data is captured and much more, a key difference between using a Universal Analytics property and one of GA4 is the ability to report on individual sessions compared to the ability to report on individual users and their experiences across multiple sessions.

And if the changes I told you about weren’t enough, in the last few days, Google announced that the Google Optimize platform will be deactivated on September 30 of this year. And again you ask me: Joy, what is Optimize and what will it change in my life?

Optimize is one of the platforms with the largest market for A/B Testing, launched 5 years ago by Google, it allows companies of all sizes to test hypotheses within websites and applications with a focus on improving user experiences with ease. Growth and Design professionals can come together to test page models, journeys, buttons and much more in the relentless search for good experiences so that the user performs an action and spends more time browsing your website or app.

According to the document issued by Google, Optimize’s functionalities will be integrated into GA4, but there is still no defined date for this effective migration. While at the beginning of this article I explained how to understand the behavior of the public that accesses your website/app, now I’ve brought you more information making you even more confused, right?

That’s why I advise you to hire specialized partners who can support you on fronts where time, dedication, study and a lot of experience are needed. Get to know ALOT, we can help you scale your business, launch your product and help you with our team of specialists throughout this migration to GA4 and Optimize, as well as with analyses, studies and much more.